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The official launch is scheduled for the 29th of July 2011. We think you’ll be pleased with the rich features and simplicity of operation that have been built into these solutions. For the first time, a management console has built expressly f

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Do More,Faster

Enjoy fast wireless connectivity  for your home  or home  office. The Wireless-N Broadband  Router with Storage Link is designed  to deliver plenty of speed  and coverage, so multiple users can go online, transfer large files, print, and stream stored media—all at once, all without wires. Great for bigger homes. Easy to use, and easy to install on Windows or Mac.

Wireless-N Power

The speed and bandwidth of Wireless-N, today’s most advanced  wireless technology, makes it easy for multiple users to share Internet access, files, and printing. Enjoy media-intensive  activities like gaming, video and Voice-over-IP phone calls—all at once, with less lag and performance degradation. Achieves faster speeds  when  used with Wireless-N enabled  devices, but is fully compatible  with Wireless-G and -B equipment.

Reliable Coverage

Experience coverage you can count on, all around your home. Wireless-N’s Multiple in, Multiple Out MIMO technology actually uses the signal reflections that confuse ordinary wireless technologies to boost range and reduce dead spots.

Storage for All

The Storage Link feature lets you connect a hard drive or flash-based USB storage device directly to your network to easily add gigabytes of storage. Access your music, video, or data files from any PC within your network, or securely through the Internet. Built-in media server streams to PCs or digital media adapters.

Connect to More

Four 10/100 Ethernet ports let you connect printers, networked  storage drives, and other Ethernet- enabled devices to your network, so you can access and share them from all around the house.