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PCmover is the ONLY migration utility that moves programs, files, and settings
from your old PC to your new PC. Simply install PCmover on both your old and new
computers and go! PCmover will determine which programs, files, and settings
need to be moved, and when the transfer is complete, your new computer will have
the personality and functionality of your old PC as well as all of its own
pre-installed software. Works with almost any Windows operating system.

PCmover can migrate your PC across a network, Laplink USB cable, Windows Easy
Transfer Cable or any type of removable media that can be read by both PCs.
If your computer has multiple users, PCmover gives you the option to migrate
some or all of the users at once. The security information about file ownership
 and access control is preserved for each user. You can even use PCmover to
migrate your PC to an Intel-based Mac using VMware Fusion, Parallels or Bootcamp.

PCmover can also be used to upgrade your existing PC from Windows XP to Windows 7.

PCmover® Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant™ is a special edition of PCmover that does just this!  Instead of migrating from one PC to another, many users simply desire to upgrade their existing computer to Microsoft’s newest operating system.  Click here to learn how!

Install PCmover on your new and old PC    

Connect your old PC
to your new PC    

Transfer all your programs,
files, and settings
Image: Install PCmover on your new and old PC    
Image: Connect your old PC to your new PC    
Image: Transfer all your programs, files, and settings

With PCmover your favorite programs, files, and settings will be on your
new PC - in one easy move. Even a basic PC user can complete a migration using
PCmover - it's really that easy! No wonder PCmover is the best-selling migration
utility in the world!

Transfer Applications
Transfer your favorite applications that you want on your new PC.         File & Folder Selectivity You decide which files and folders belong on your new PC.

User Profile Selectivity
Select user profiles and settings that you want to transfer to your new PC.         “Undo” Transfer Quickly reverse a transfer at any time with PCmover's easy "undo" feature.

Upgrade Assistant
Easily perform an in-place upgrade such as Windows XP to Windows 7.            

Multiple Transfer Options
There are 3 options for you to choose from to perform the transfer:

Easy-to-Use Wizard Interface
Click through a simple wizard to set up the move. In less than 10 minutes,
PCmover will start to transfer your programs, files, and settings in one easy step.


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