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The official launch is scheduled for the 29th of July 2011. We think you’ll be pleased with the rich features and simplicity of operation that have been built into these solutions. For the first time, a management console has built expressly f

Lan & Employee Monitoring :: Spector 360 is the most advanced employee monitoring and filtering tool




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Spector 360 Empowers You To:

       * Increase Employee Productivity by Reducing Frivolous and Inappropriate Activity

            * Enforce Your Acceptable Use Policy

            * Prevent “Insider” Theft
            * Conduct Investigations on Employees Suspected of Inappropriate Activity
            * Meet or Exceed Federal, Industry or Agency Compliance Requirements for Keeping Records of Company Communications and Transactions

    - P L U S -

        * Recover Lost Crucial Communications (Email, Chat & Instant Messages)
        * Assist Help Desk Staff With PC Recovery
        * Monitor Ongoing Employee Performance and PC Proficiency
        * Obtain Proof to Support Accusations of Wrongdoing
        * Reduce Security Breaches
        * Detect the Use of Company Resources to Engage in Illegal or Unethical Activities
        * Limit Legal Liability (including Sexual and Racial Harassment)

Obtain a High-Level View on How Your Employees Are Using Company PCs and the Internet

    With Spector 360, you can quickly view trend information on Web Site Usage, Email and Webmail Usage, Application Usage, Instant Message and Chat Usage, Online Searches Performed, File Transfer Activity, Document Tracking, Keystrokes, Keyword Alert Activity, Network Activity, and User Activity/Inactivity. You can generate high-level management reports of any of this information with a click of your mouse.

Get Immediate Answers To Questions Such As:

        * What web sites are being visited most frequently and who is spending the most time browsing the web? Are these web sites work-related?
        * Which employees are engaging in chat or instant messaging? Is it work-related?
        * Who is using Hotmail, AOL mail, Gmail or Yahoo mail to communicate sensitive documents?
        * What are employees searching for on Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL?
        * Who is sending the most email with attachments and where is it going? What is contained in those attachments? Is the employee authorized to send out this information?
        * What are the top programs being run and are any of them non-work-related?
        * Which employees are playing games like Solitaire at work? How much time are they spending playing games?
        * Who is transferring the most files and what exactly are they sending out and to whom are they sending these files?
        * Who is saving confidential information to removable media like flash drives or CDs or DVDs?
        * Who is printing company sensitive files?
        * Who are the top violators of those keywords that indicate abuse (e.g.: sex, guns, gambling)
        * Which employees type the most?  Which type the least?
        * Which employees use the most network bandwidth and why?
        * Who is arriving at work late and leaving to go home early?
        * Who takes the most breaks throughout the day?

    These are just a few of the questions that can be answered by Spector 360. Click on Analyze to learn more.