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Content Filtering and Security :: CYCLOPE Intenet Content Filtering




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Cyclope Internet Filtering Proxy is an internet content filtering software designed to accomplish the needs of a company threat by low productivity and inefficient work force.

What are the main functionalities of this internet filter program?

  • Url and Content Filtering - allows management to monitor and control the network use and abuse. The web content filter can either block access to specific websites or allow specific web sites to be accessed while all other are blocked based on keywords or URL patterns and URL black lists.
  • Detailed Reporting and Consolidated Statistics - allows management to monitor internet traffic and breaking rules attempts
  • Profiles - allows you to block content specific web sites, such as adult, hacking and virus infected web sites.
  • Protection against file downloads - at management discretion (files blocking the extension: ".exe", ".bat" (applications), "mpeg." "mp3", ".wav", ".avi", ".mpg" (Audio/Video) and .ace. rar, .zip (archive).

Other reasons to choose Internet Content Filtering Software:

  • Aggregated Statistics - for longer time periods allow for strategic planning and resource allocation.
  • Scheduler - the capacity to calibrate a specific user list through a scheduler unrelated to active filters.
  • Easy Management of monitored user lists through a user friendly Web Interface.
  • Internet Sharing provides the possibility of Internet access to multiple computers through a single Internet connection.
  • The Cost Effective Solution provides strict traffic control, allows company to enforce its policy while Web Security is assured.
  • Designed for Windows Platform, Cyclope Internet filtering proxy supports all internet connection types including dialup, cable modem, ISDN, DSL and ADSL.

Considered to be one of the best internet filter from the market, Cyclope Internet Filtering Proxy is a must have these days, because activities like doing research on internet, sharing files, sending instant messages to customers, and even emailing, are making your IT infrastructures vulnerable to malicious code, spyware, viruses. Without an internet content filtering software the company security might be at risk even because an employer entered on an inappropriate website or typed some company dates that later could get in hackers hands.

Convince yourself of its efficiency by downloading the 15 days trial version of the Internet Content Filtering Software then buy a full license.