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Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.7.1
Application layer firewall

    * Create inbound and outbound traffic policies
    * Protect servers without the need for a DMZ through application-friendly NAT traversal
    * Perform stateful packet and protocol inspection on specified ports
    * Log all incoming and outgoing traffic for security audits and troubleshooting
    * Restrict FTP commands and file types

Integrated proxy server

    * Monitor and log all web activities
    * Restrict URLs, forbidden words, web objects, and web content categories
    * Increase web browsing with web caching
    * Simplify network management with transparent proxy


    * Manage and share Internet connections to internal systems with DHCP
    * Connect VoIP and other multimedia services over the Internet
    * Make smooth and easy IPsec, PPTP or RRAS connections through NAT traversal
    * Integrate easily into existing infrastructures with DNS forwarding

 Comprehensive reports

Identify Internet abuse. Learn how users spend their time on the Internet. View:

    * Sites visited
    * Web content categories
    * Protocols used
    * Bandwidth usage

Convenient and secure access

View graphical reports on-demand with a web browser and login. Supported browsers include:

    * Internet Explorer 6 and 7
    * Firefox 2 and 3
    * Safari 2 and 3

Flexible reporting options

    * Narrow reports down to an individual
    * Narrow reports by time frame
    * Save historical database
    * Print-friendly pages

Kerio Web Filter

A complementary technology to gateway anti-virus, Kerio Web Filter prevents users from visiting websites that are known to contain malicious content, including viruses, spyware, Trojans, or web pages that engage in phishing attacks or online identity thefts.

Kerio Web Filter, an optional module for Kerio WinRoute Firewall, contains 53 categories of web content that may have an adverse effect on both the productivity and security of the network. Administrators can create access policies that will prevent select users from using popular web-based IM clients or social networking sites.

Why do you need web filtering?

Second line of defense

Kerio Web Filter blocks visits to sites known to contain malware, keeping unidentified viruses or malware from reaching the gateway.

It complements gateway anti-virus scanning which blocks known viruses and malware when they are transmitted through the firewall.
Liability protection

Kerio Web Filter helps guard against web content that may be deemed objectionable or illegal.
Productivity tool

Monitor or block web access

Site-to-site / Server-to-server

    * Connect headquarters and branch office networks securely.
    * Share and access vital resources securely over the Internet.

Kerio VPN Client (Client to server)

    * Connect to network printers, servers, and shared files from home, the hotel or coffee shop.
    * Use your network login for VPN authentication. (Active Directory integration required).
    * Use on Mac, Windows or Linux.
    * Run Kerio VPN Client as a service.
    * Download VPN Client

Kerio Clientless SSL-VPN

    * Manage folders, upload and download files from network file shares with just a web browser.
    * Create bookmarks for most frequently used folders.

Simpler administration
Hassle-free setup

    * Setup site-to-site connections easily with a wizard.
    * Setup the Kerio VPN Client with just the IP or domain name, username and password.
    * Save from purchasing costly dedicated lines.


    * Connect site-to-site and client-to-server VPN tunnels flawlessly behind NAT routers. NAT Traversal not required.
    * Kerio's VPN uses standard encryption algorithms to meet versatile VPN needs: SSL for the control channel (TCP) and Blowfish for the data transport (UDP).

Flexible security

    * Limit network access to individuals with Kerio WinRoute Firewall's traffic policies.



Everything you like about Kerio Control software,
now wrapped in performance-optimized hardware.

Kerio Control software stands with a 13-year history of providing award-winning unified threat management protection for small and large networks around the globe. Today marks an important milestone as it is now shipping pre-installed on the performance-optimized Kerio Control Box.

Kerio Control Box is exclusively sold through the Kerio Partner community and is available to order now on the BSSIT Partner Portal. Place your order today. Reseller demo units are also available at an aggressive partner price. Please contact your Kerio Channel Manager for more information.

With Zvelo's Latest Product Enhancements.

With the number of emerging cyber threats increasing daily, there is a need for constantly updated protection for corporate networks. Kerio Web Filter, with integration of Zvelo's SiteFilter technology, maintains a cutting-edge position by using dynamic website categorization tools that evolve as quickly as the internet.

Newest product enhancements from Zvelo include: Continuous Coverage, AutoCat Efficiency, Accuracy and Malicious Detection.

Continuous Coverage expands to over 99.9% of the ActiveWeb sites visited by users and that includes over 450 million URLs from 170 languages covering over 6 billion web pages. With AutoCat Efficiency, there are dynamic, real-time categorization capabilities, including taxonomy support, improved ability to detect new or changed content on websites, and the ability to tune probability thresholds for over 23,000 category/language pairs.

Better Accuracy provides enhanced quality assurance processes, and support from over 120 multi-lingual Web Analysts which enables continuous improvement on accuracy. With Malicious Detection, there is both static and behavioral analysis of URLs which provides improved real-time scanning, analysis and detection of compromised websites, and more granular threat vector tracking for malicious categories.

Learn more about the Kerio Web Filter.

Kerio Web Filter on the Cutting Edge.

The web has trumped email as the dominant source of covert cyberthreats. Malicious code designed to steal money, identities, and reputations continues to evolve as cybercriminals infect legitimate, popular websites and develop SEO strategies to increase the chances that your network will be exposed to productivity-crippling malware. According to a survey conducted by Zvelo, a leader in cutting-edge web filtering technology development, potentially devastating exposure to these web threats is the driving motivation for more than 50% of companies that deploy a web content filtering solution.

Kerio Web Filter maintains a cutting-edge position in protecting corporate networks by using dynamic website categorization tools that evolve as quickly as the internet. Kerio Web Filter also ensures office productivity by automatically blocking exposure to hazardous content and giving administrators an easy way to further limit the kinds of websites employees are allowed to visit.

In this live webinar, industry expert Jeff Finn of Zvelo Labs will take an in-depth look at the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology found in Kerio Web Filter, including its use of Zvelo's SiteFilter technology. Register for this live webinar below to learn more about:

  • Web Content Categories
  • Group, time, and location policies
  • SiteFilter with The Active Web
  • Web 2.0 Inspection
  • Data freshness