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Anti Spam :: HEXAMAIL Guard Anti Spam




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Hexamail Guard ensures SPAM is eliminated at the server level with no need to install and update anti-spam software on each desktop. Unrivalled ease of installation and management of SPAM means you can get back to the important things while Hexamail Guard takes care of the SPAM.

Hexamail offers almost complete protection by using the most comprehensive set of antispam features including highly sophisticated Bayesian analysis that learns from your email traffic. Automatic whitelisting and neural-network based email address analysis eliminate false positives. Hexamail Guard also includes a sender verification scheme in the form of a built in challenge/response mechanism which can be engaged if required. By choosing Hexamail you are ensuring you have every possible SPAM blocking technique available to you.

    * Advanced Bayesian pattern matching
    * SPF Support
    * DomainKeys support
    * SURBL Support
    * Neural network sender matching technology
    * Automatic Whitelists
    * Challenge Response
    * Advanced Image Analysis
    * Optional Antivirus
    * URL DNS checking
    * Microsoft Exchange Integration
    * Supports all SMTP servers
    * Server based anti-spam

Advanced Bayesian pattern matching     
Bayesian pattern matching is used to analyze the entire content of incoming email: this prevents the mistakes made by relying on single keywords or rules whilst ensuring the filters are robust to subtle changes in language, deliberate misspellings and tricks typical in SPAM. This allows Hexamail software to provide unrivalled accuracy and reliability when detecting SPAM.

SPF Support    
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) checking is fully supported, allowing you to add SPF checking to your existing mailserver. SPF ensures that email is only accepted if it came from the servers designated by the sending domain's policy, where available. For domains that publish SPF records this means you can verify the sender is legitimately allowed to send email from the domain. In particular this can help reduce Phishing, where senders spoof email from another domain.

DomainKeys support    
Domain Keys checks are performed on any Domain Keys signed email. This verifies the sender is allowed to send email from the domain specified. It also verifies that the email has not been tampered with or forged. In particular this can help reduce phishing, where senders spoof email from another domain.

SURBL Support    
SURBL is an RBL designed to be used to block or tag spam based on URIs (usually their domain names) contained within the message body. It is not a conventional RBL in that it's not intended to block the source of spam messages. Instead, SURBL can be used to block spams based on their message content. http://www.surbl.org/

Neural network sender matching technology    
Cutting-edge neural network technology is used to identify suspicious sender addresses with high accuracy and incredible performance. Neural sender matching enables high volumes of emails to be checked in the shortest possible time.

 Automatic Whitelists    
Hexamail provides support for multiple sender and recipient white lists. The white list can be imported, manually created or automatically created and kept up to date through analysis of outgoing email traffic. Domain whitelisting is also possible.

Challenge Response    
With Hexamail Guard you can optionally enable Challenge-Response features to allow sender verification emails to be sent out. Senders can then verify themselves to have their email accepted and whitelist their address to allow all future emails to pass through unfiltered.

 Advanced Image Analysis    
Hexamail Guard not only analyses the text of emails but also any embedded images, using the structure of the images to determine whether an email is SPAM or not. Increasingly SPAM email consists entirely of images, and so this technique is essential for effective blocking.
Content and Header checks    
Hexamail supports multiple sophisticated header, subject and content checks with configurable rules, keyword filtering and phrase matching lists that can be maintained by the administrator.

POP3 Account downloading and SPAM filtering    
Hexamail can download all your user's POP3 accounts, strip out the SPAM and reroute the emails to their corporate mailbox or other email address.

Anti phishing    
Hexamail features built in anti-phishing protection by recognizing spoofed emails, web links and requests for account details.

Optional Antivirus    
If you don't already have an anti virus gateway solution for email processing you can add an Antivirus option to Hexamail Guard, allowing automatic processing of all suspect attachments and elimination of virus, worms, scripts and other malicious content. If you have an existing email antivirus system Hexamail Guard will inter operate with it.

3rd Party DNS Blacklists    
Hexamail supports any third party DNS based blacklists (DNS BL or real time black hole lists). These databases can be used to block all email from known SPAM sending email servers and open relays. Choose what to do with matching IP addresses, Reject, BLock, Mark or Weight.

URL DNS checking    
URLs contained in the content of email are checked against configurable DNS based databases of known SPAM hosts. Email is blocked if it contains URLs hosted on webservers known to belong to spammers.

Bullet     SPAM Quarantine    
SPAM detected by Hexamail can be stored in a quarantine for later review. The quarantine allows the administrator to quickly review and send on or delete large numbers of emails with a single click. A special viewing window allows the safe viewing of any suspect email without inadvertently triggering worms, virus or pop ups.

Mark, delete or forward SPAM    
Mark SPAM subject lines, delete SPAM over a specified match confidence or forward to user's spam folder, public folder or any other email account.

User SPAM review    
The administrator can optionally allow some or all users to review their own quarantined SPAM via a web based interface. Users are automatically alerted to new emails arriving in their quarantine and can empty their quarantine with a single click from the alert email. Alternatively they can login to a secure web interface to selectively delete SPAM email and accept legitimate emails.

Customizable Web Intergace    
The web based interface is fully customizable through the built in HTML template manager and editor.

Microsoft Exchange Integration    
Hexamail Guard integrates automatically and seamlessly with all versions of Exchange providing straightforward integration and easy administration. Hexamail can integate with Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003, or 2007 either on the same machine as Exchange or on a separate server if required.

Supports all SMTP servers    
Lotus Notes, NTMail, SL Mail, QMail, Exim, IMail, Lotus Domino 5, LSMTP, MailSite, MDaemon, MetaInfo, Sendmail, MS IMS/IIS, Netscape Messaging Server, NTMail, and Post.Office are all supported by Hexamail. Hexamail can be used in conjunction with any SMTP compatible mail server, allowing you the freedom to choose your email server now and in future.

Unrivalled ease of use    
Hexamail is dedicated to changing the way business software works: making it easy and productive to use. This reduces configuration mistakes and saves you time and money.

Server based anti-spam    
For a corporate anti-spam policy to be successful it must be enforced at the server level removing the need for client-side installs and end-user training. Not only does this ensure the most straightforward maintenance but also ensures the solution is as cost-effective as possible to deploy.

Automatic Internet updates    
SPAM and virus adapt and change every day. Any system to detect and eliminate unsolicited email and virus must be kept up to date. Hexamail's software automatically updates itself over the Internet to ensure the latest SPAM and virus can be stopped.

Active Directory Support    
Automatically syncs users with Active Directory and allows single sign-on for the web based quarantine

LDAP Support    
Automatically syncs users with any LDAP server

Remote management    
The easy to use sophisticated administration interface can be used on the same machine or from a remote workstation using a secure communications protocol.