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Network Monitor :: TracePlus®/Ethernet




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TracePlus/Ethernet is a powerful performance and capture tool. Real-time statistics include bandwidth by node, protocol, and address pair. A Network dashboard displays network performance updated each second. A history view chronicles the occurrence of specific IP events on your network. Capture packets based on type, address, size, TCP/UDP port, or data pattern. Decodes SNMP packets (all versions). Intelligent data view formats IP user data for easy viewing. Imports capture files from other packet analyzers including UNIX and Linux OS's. Supports VLAN features of the 802.1Q/802.1P protocols.


Features of TracePlus®/Ethernet

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifThe Network Dashboard offers ten automobile-style gauges (five user configurable) that monitor network performance.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifThe Network Dashboard contains three preset and four user defined automobile style gauges of network performance, including Packets/Second, Bytes/Second, and Utilization.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifThe Bits per Second historical graph displays average throughput in bits per second over a period of two hours.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifThe Packets per Second historical graph displays average throughput in bits per second at one minute intervals over a period of two hours.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifThe Utilization historical graph displays a chart of average throughput in bits per second at one minute intervals over a period of two hours.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifThe Size Distribution View displays a chart of average throughput in bits per second at one minute intervals over a period of two hours.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifIP Sleuth tracks down and identifies IP addresses seen on your network via WHOIS and IP netblock information.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifPing utilities provides expanded functionality from the command-line version with Quality of Service options plus Copy and Save functionality.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifThe IP Bandwidth Graph shows overall network usage by the top IP bandwidth consumers on your network.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifThe Port Activity View shows selected IP conversations that may threaten the security of your network including Trojan horse applications.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifPowerful IP Activity filtering narrows the statistical focus to specific IP subnets.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifIP Capture Wizard defines filter parameters for packet captures by answering a few questions.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifQuick Capture and Make Filter features generate filter parameters for a packet capture automatically based on an selected protocol, address, or conversation.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifFull support for networks using PPPoE for DSL connections

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifExport packet captures in Libpcap, Microsoft Network Monitor, Sniffer (Network Associates), Sniffer (Network General) formats.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifIP Port definitions include over 200 known Trojan horse applications.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifMAC address/Vendor name translation supports over 7000 known Ethernet vendor codes

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifHistory View supports over 30 different network protocols. The contents of the History View is automatically restored before each session, so you can have a running log of events on your network.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifThe History View can be filtered by TCP or UDP protocol, and by local address or IP address (single or range)

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifGraphical network usage display selectable from utilization, packets per second, and bytes per second.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifPowerful Network Statistics filtering narrows the statistical focus to specific protocol groups and IP subnets.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifProtocol View, Node View, MAC Addresses, and Conversations View can be sorted by any column

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifRealtime network statistics include % of Bandwidth, Packets per second, Bytes per second, Broadcast packets per second, and Multicast packets per second.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifPowerful real-time packet sniffer means no waiting to see results!

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifFull support for VLAN features of 802.1Q/802.1P protocols.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifFull decoding of TCP option fields.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifFull support (including decodes) for IPv6 and ICMPv6.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifFull support (including decodes) for SNMP and SNMP traps.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifFull support (including decodes) for BOOTP and DHCP including BOOTP Vendor Information and DHCP options

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifFull support (including decodes) for ICMP messages, including all ICMP types with decoding of the included IP header in error.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifFull support (including decodes) for Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) and Cisco Group Management Protocol (CGMP)

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifMicrosecond timing accuracy on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 Server.

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifCompatible with any network speed from 1 to 1000 MB/s, including legacy 10 MB/s networks and 11 MB/s wireless networks (via an Ethernet NDIS compliant driver)

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifCompatible with 802.3 Ethernet packets from 802.1b/802.1g network adapters

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifCompatible with all current USB network adapters

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifSwitch effortlessly between multiple Network Adapters (one Network Adapter at a time).

http://www.sstinc.com/checkmark.gifCompatible with popular network routers, switches, hubs, and firewalls including Cisco Systems, Foundry, Extreme Networks, 3-Com, HP, Netgear, and Linksys.