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PingPlotter Pro takes the features and benefits of PingPlotter Standard and adds a number of "industrial strength" features. PingPlotter Pro is built for the network professional who might need to monitor multiple targets simultaneously, run as a Windows service, or access PingPlotter remotely through a web interface. PingPlotter Pro also adds some features for the VoIP professional, with Jitter and MoS calculations, plus the ability to add user-defined metrics and calculations. Coupling this with a multi-target summary screen, workspaces, named configurations (and a whole lot more!), PingPlotter Pro is a powerful tool with a place in any administrator's toolbox.

PingPlotter Pro offers a powerful mechanism to see the network and pinpoint the problem from your workstation - allowing network professionals fast and easy access to routing and performance information on their networks.

PingPlotter Pro's unique combination of easy-to-understand graphs, coupled with it's features designed to aid in network troubleshooting give you a tool that can notify you the moment network conditions change, and then give you the information to solve the problem.

PingPlotter Pro v3.30 is based on PingPlotter Standard (and includes all of the features of PingPlotter Standard), but also adds a number of business-class features, suggested by our customer base over the last 7 years (see the feature comparison for feature-by-feature comparison).
Features in PingPlotter Pro v 3.30 include:
# Everything in PingPlotter Standard.
# Collect data from (and graph) multiple targets simultaneously.
# Summary screen shows the status of all active traces at a glance.
# Runs as a native Windows Service.
# VoIP-targeted troubleshooting capabilties. Jitter metrics and graphs. MOS (mean opinion score), plus packet loss and latency.
# Web interface allows remote control and access to PingPlotter Pro's data and settings (using built-in web server or IIS).
# Can load and "merge" multiple saved sample sets.
# Trace from a remote computer to any other target using the remote trace capability.
# Enhanced script-based alert conditions and events. Write your own rules and actions (or use some we've already written)!
# Built-in scripting engine allows custom calculations and extensibility.
# Workspaces let you automatically start tracing your favorite targets when PingPlotter is launched.
# Docking and floating of any target, plus saved workspace management to remember how you like things.
# Named configurations to quickly switch between your favorite settings on any target (ie: ICMP and TCP port 80).