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The fuzzyTECH Editions are specialized for technical applications.

fuzzyTECH Puts the Fuzzy Logic Advantage in Your Design

    • fuzzyTECH has enabled more successful fuzzy logic applications than any other tool. Read what users have to say.
    • fuzzyTECH is licensed by more control system manufacturers than any other fuzzy logic tool. Check out our partner.
    • fuzzyTECH supports more target systems than any other fuzzy logic tool on the market. Read our press clips.
    • fuzzyTECH delivers faster and more compact systems than any other fuzzy logic tool. Check out our benchmarks.
    • fuzzyTECH's Fuzzy Design Wizards get you straight to your solution, following ISO and IEC standards.
    • Ready for a test drive? Download a demo version with animated simulation examples from our Download Page.
Click for Full Size Screenshot of <i>fuzzy</i>TECH fuzzyTECH follows the familiar look&feel of the latest generation of MS Windows and MS Office software products. The treeview pane enables structured access to all components of a fuzzy logic system under design in the same way the Windows Explorer lets users browse the structure of their PCs. The Editor and Analyzer windows allow to design each single component of a fuzzy logic system graphically.
Click for Full Size Screenshot of Linguistic Variable Editor Linguistic Variables are the lifeblood of a fuzzy logic design. fuzzyTECH's Linguistic Variable Editors enable to simply "draw" various types of membership functions with the mouse. In any Debug mode, the Linguistic Variable Editor also visualizes fuzzification. In Interactive Debug mode, moving the red arrow with the mouse simulates input conditions.
Click for Full Size Screenshot of Rule Editors The Fuzzy Logic rules determine how the system reacts to input conditions. This is where you implement the control and optimization strategies for your solution. To best serve the needs of different applications, fuzzyTECH provides three different rule block editors. The Spreadsheet Rule editor follows the familiar style of a table. You define complete rule bases just by point&click, consistency is automatically enforced. Many experienced users prefer the Matrix Rule editor for complex rule blocks. Entering rules in FTL (Fuzzy Technology Language) format enables you to type in rules in the most flexible way. Either way you input rules, you can always use any other editor to process or analyze them further.
Click for Full Size Screenshot of Analyzers fuzzyTECH's rich suite of analysis tools has set standards in visual simulation software. The 2D and 3D Analyzers let you analyze the transfer characteristics of a fuzzy logic system or its components in any possible way. Any modification of the system is immediately reflected in all analyzers. This faciliates "interactive" development of a solution. The Time Plot analyzers help you understanding and optimizing the fuzzy logic system for the process under control.
Click here for Full Size Screenshot of Process Simulation While fuzzyTECH already comprises all simulation features for the fuzzy logic system under design, you may also use fuzzyTECH with standard simulation software packages such as Matlab/Simulink™, MatrixX™, and most others. During simulation, you can use all editors and analyzers of fuzzyTECH and you may modify the running system "on-the-fly". All fuzzyTECH Editions, including the demonstration software you may download for free from this web site, come with complete animated simulations of real world processes.
Click here for Full Size Screenshot of Documentation Component The structured design approach of fuzzyTECH is complemented by a built-in documentation generator and a revision control system. The documentation generator generates complete documentation for ISO 9000 compliant development. You can view, print, and edit the RTF output with standard word processors. The revision control system lets you rewind to earlier development stages and can document the progress. The entire structure of documentation follows the IEC 1131-7 standard on fuzzy logic development.

The Professional Choice

  • fuzzyTECH is the basis of many successful applications of fuzzy logic in Japan, Europe and the U.S.
  • fuzzyTECH is continuously improved by INFORM's software designers and project engineers.
  • fuzzyTECH supports most target hardware platforms and all fuzzy logic design phases.
  • Add-on modules provide neural network technologies with fuzzy logic design.

Fast Results

  • fuzzyTECH's all-graphical editors let you specify an entire system with simple point-and-click technology.
  • Optimization of your design is expedited by fuzzyTECH's analyzer and simulation tools.
  • Interactive "what-if" tracing supports detailed comprehension leading to efficient system optimization.
  • fuzzyTECH provides code generators for C and assembly, and runtime modules for integration with other software.

Embracing the Standards

  • Based on emerging IEC 1131-7 standard for industrial fuzzy logic system development.
  • Supports ISO 9001 compliant development with built-in documentation generator and revision control system.
  • Allows for the implementation of FDA certifiable control systems (FDA: Food and Drug Administration)

Fuzzy Logic Systems Design by "Point and Click":
fuzzyTECH provides an all-graphical user interface for all phases of a development project. Complemented by its Fuzzy Design Wizards, fuzzyTECH can let you create fuzzy logic solutions in less than a day's work. Here are some screenshots that illustrate the various editors and analyzers (click on the thumbnails to view full scale):

Rapid Application Development
In addition to its standard functionality for creating fuzzy logic systems, fuzzyTECH features a set of Fuzzy Design Wizards that:

  • Enable rapid application design.
  • Let you conduct ultra-fast prototyping.
  • Guide you through the IEC/ISO standardized fuzzy logic design approach. 
  • Novice users of fuzzyTECH can generate prototype fuzzy logic systems within minutes.
  • Experienced designers use it to expedite and streamline their design process.

Open Software Interfaces
fuzzyTECH can be linked and integrated with most other software products via standard interface techniques such as DDE, DLL, and ActiveX. For many popular software environments, we provide complete "plug-and-play" type interfaces (Simulink™, InTouch™, Excel™, Access™, VisualBasic™, ..). For a complete list, download and install the fuzzyTECH Demo from the Download section and explore the contents of the "/Program Files/fuzzyTECH x.y/Runtime/Ftrun/" subdirectory.

Code Generation
At the push of a button, fuzzyTECH generates a complete fuzzy logic solutions in source code. You may use this source code to compile and link with your main code, calling the fuzzy logic system as a simple function. Depending on the Edition (see Editions Overview), portable C code, assembly source code for microcontrollers/-processors, or function blocks for programmable logic controllers can be generated. In a joint development projects with microchip manufacturers such as Motorola and Intel, the compactness and execution speed of the fuzzyTECH generated code has been highly optimized. See our Benchmarks. Notice that you may use any code generated by fuzzyTECH in your products royalty-free.

Stand-Alone Runtime Modules
If the PC is where your fuzzy logic solution shall run on, generating stand-alone solutions is even easier. fuzzyTECH can generate FTR (Fuzzy Technology Runtime) files from your fuzzy logic solution. Now, you can use our stand-alone runtime modules to embed your fuzzy logic solution with other software. Stand-alone runtime modules are available as 16/32 Bit DLL for all MS Windows operating systems and as ActiveX component. Notice that you may use the runtime modules in your products royalty-free.

Process Control Solutions
In close cooperation with our partners, we have provided even tighter integration of fuzzyTECH and popular process control software packages. This makes integrating fuzzy logic control blocks with complete control solutions even easier. Such solutions include: InTouch™, InControl™, CiTECT™, LabVIEW™, Matlab/Simulink™, WinFACT™, WinCC™, FIX™, BridgeVIEW™, and many others.

Online/RTRCD Debugging
The "Online" debugging technique allows for the modification of a running fuzzy logic system "on-the-fly". All editors and analyzers of fuzzyTECH let you monitor the fuzzy logic inference in real time and every modification is implemented instantly on the target hardware. fuzzyTECH communicates with the target system at any time via serial cable, network file system, or other communication link. Real-time data is transferred from the target hardware to the graphical editors and analyzers of fuzzyTECH, allowing complete visualization of the fuzzy logic inference. Modifications to the fuzzy logic system are transferred from fuzzyTECH to the target hardware and implemented without halting this system. Remote traces can be configured and controlled from fuzzyTECH as well. Some fuzzyTECH MCU Editions also provide a limited online debugging functionality, called RTRCD (Real-Time Remote Cross Debugging). RTRCD lets you modify rules and membership functions on-the-fly and run traces.