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Analyze archives of measured data in TrendAnalyzer 2.1 Professional Edition! 1 2

You want to evaluate database queries, compare signal processes in several batches, edit and save measured curves, calculate a new curve from several signal runs and compare them with a target curve? The Professional Edition of TrendAnalyzer is the right tool for you!

TrendAnalyzer Professional Edition

    * reads csv- and dBase-files, EXCEL-Tables, ACCESS-, WINCC-, Oracle, SQL Server or other databases, which can be edited via ODBC-drivers.
    * The datasets of a table can be directly filtered by SQL-instructions.
    * up to 30 curves can be used simultaneously.

    * In addition, database queries are processed and modified curves can be saved to ACCESS-databases or csv-files.
    * The trend calculator allows to calculate new curves from curves of a table.
    * Notes can be inserted to the curve points.

To get to know the product we provide some application examples or Training Videos in the Download Area.

If you want to test TrendAnalyzer using your own data, request your 30-day trial license.

After installing TrendAnalyzer on your PC (Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP is required), use the delivered tap-files containing extracts of configured test data. If you use Microsoft WORD, simply open document tapromo20d.doc that is downloadable from our website where you will find all sample trend charts in one document.

TrendAnalyzer without a valid license only runs with the delivered project files and on the test database.

Screenshots of the examples:

1. Two of the temperature values are compared with a third temperature value.
The time axis which is placed parallel to the horizontal axis named TEMP_NORM allows to compare the ratios of temperature values over a period of time!
The data is read from a table which was formed from a database query (inner join)
trana5.gif 33 KB
2. Three measuring points were recorded over a a period of several weeks.
If a large number of measured values are displayed, a turn-off envelope curve is displayed.
Notes are added to individual measuring points.
trana3.jpg 32 KB
3. Additional curves were calculated from multiple trends.
The formula is displayed in the configuration as a tooltip adjacent to each curve.
trana4.jpg 32 KB
4. Datasets with 6 metering points are read from a csv-file and are displayed.
A seventh curve is calculated (Current-Flowrate). The time ruler shows all measured values associated to a selected point of time.
trana6.jpg 27 KB
5. Signal runs of a metering point at different points of time are displayed.
4 batches are compared.
trana6.jpg 27 KB

Download TrendAnalyzer with a documentation and test database (ACCESS97).