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The official launch is scheduled for the 29th of July 2011. We think you’ll be pleased with the rich features and simplicity of operation that have been built into these solutions. For the first time, a management console has built expressly f

Network Monitor :: Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) v 10.1




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Orion NPM enables you to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems and outages. Out-of-the-box, it offers network-centric views that are designed to deliver the critical information network engineers need. And Orion NPM is the easiest product of its kind to use and maintain, meaning you will spend more time actually managing networks, not supporting Orion NPM.

Network Performance Monitoring Highlights:

Monitors and analyzes real-time, in-depth, network performance statistics for routers, switches, wireless access points, servers, and any other SNMP-enabled devices
Simplifies network issue investigation with drill down maps and Top 10 views of your global network
Gets you up and running in less than an hour with do-it-yourself deployment
Scales to accommodate growth and management needs with a hot standby engine, multiple polling engines, and additional web servers
Enables advanced alerting for correlated events, sustained conditions, and complex combinations of device states
Monitors the energy consumption of Cisco® EnergyWise-enabled network devices and displays policies that regulate energy consumption
Extends management capabilities to NetFlow traffic analysis, IP SLA monitoring, IP address management, network configuration management,
and application and server performance

Orion NPM Features

Performance & Fault Management

Orion NPM provides comprehensive performance, fault management, and network availability tools to ensure that your network is always running at peak performance. Via a cutting-edge web interface, Orion NPM gives you a unified view into the performance of thousands of nodes and interfaces on your network. From a single web page, you can monitor performance management metrics from any SNMP-enabled device, including routers, switches, firewalls, and servers. Commonly monitored metrics include bandwidth utilization, packet loss, latency, errors, discards, and quality of service. With Orion NPM, you get the information you need to quickly fix issues before your users ever have a chance to call the help desk.

Intuitive Point-and-Click Interface – IMPROVED IN V9.5

When you need critical network information fast, you can’t waste time trying to reverse-engineer the thought process of whoever designed the cryptic user interface of your network management software.

Do-it-Yourself Deployment

Deploying Orion NPM is a simple three-step process. First, install and configure Orion NPM using a simple wizard interface. Next, let Orion NPM automatically discover your network.

Advanced Alerting

Orion NPM enables you to quickly and easily configure powerful network alert engines to respond to hundreds of different network scenarios, including multiple condition checks. These network alerts help you recognize and correct issues before your users experience performance degradation or availability issues. With alerting support for correlated events and sustained conditions, Orion NPM ensures that you don’t get paged at 3am unless there is a critical issue. Additionally, Orion NPM can automatically escalate network alerts until a problem is resolved.

Integrated Wireless Poller – NEW IN V9.5

While we all love the convenience of wireless, this technology can give you a headache like no other! Trying to monitor, secure, and support the multitude of wireless devices on the market today is a nearly impossible task… unless, of course, you have Orion NPM. Orion NPM’s Integrated Wireless Poller enables you to easily manage wireless thin and autonomous access points and their associated clients. Orion NPM can monitor your wireless devices alongside your wired devices and provide you with alerts, reports, and Top 10 lists for your wireless infrastructure!

VMware® Virtualization Monitoring

Orion NPM gives you deep visibility into your VMware ESX servers, virtual machine instances, and VirtualCenter. Orion NPM communicates directly with VMware ESX servers to determine how the host server is performing and to gauge the health of guest virtual machines. Orion NPM reads host MIB information from each VMware ESX server and its corresponding virtual machines, detailing statistics such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk usage, and much more. With Orion NPM, you can ensure that your virtualization environment is running smoothly and delivering a high quality of service.

Cisco EnergyWise Monitoring – NEW IN V9.5

Cisco® EnergyWise focuses on reducing the energy consumption of all devices connected to a Cisco network ranging from Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices, such as IP phones and wireless access points, to IP-enabled building and lighting controllers. EnergyWise technology gives you a framework for discovering, monitoring, optimizing, advising, and regulating energy needs for your business. Cisco EnergyWise encompasses a highly intelligent, network-based approach to communicate messages that control energy between network devices and endpoints.

Role-based Access Control

Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) allows you to establish unique accounts and specify which types of information are displayed within the Orion interface for a particular department, group, or user. This ensures that only the people who need to view specific information have access to it, providing an increased level of internal security. For example, Orion NPM can be configured so that the server team only sees the servers, while the Texas IT group has a view limited to the geography for which they are responsible.

Orion NPM now help in Enterprise-Class Network Management

Some of the Modules Incluse as here:

•     Orion Network Performance Monitor
•     Orion Network Configuration Manager
•     Orion Application Performance Monitor
•     Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
•     Orion IP Address Manager
•     Orion IP SLA Manager
•     Orion Enterprise Operations Console
•     Orion Scalability Engines

Manage Your Data Center Get Visibility Into Your Compute, Network, Application, & Storage Infrastructure
NEW in Orion NPM!v 10.1 here you will find the new features described

Enterprise-Class Storage Management
Storage Profiler
Virtual & Server Profiler
Backup Profiler
Entry-Level Monitoring
Tools for Engineers
Engineer's Toolset
Standard Toolset
Kiwi Syslog Server
LANsurveyor Express

Federal Resources includes SolarWinds Resources for Cisco Networks

SolarWinds & Cisco
Managing Cisco SBA Networks
NetFlow Technology Resources
IP SLA Technology Resources
EnergyWise Technology Resources
Nexus 1000V Resources
ISR Gen 2 Resources

New! Dynamic Service Groups

Simplifies monitoring of large and complex IT environments by grouping network devices by virtually any category and rolling up network performance and service-level status by location, business center, or any other grouping.
Enhanced! Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring Provides deep visibility into your virtualized environments by monitoring virtualization from the data center, to clusters, to ESX hosts, to the virtual machine via vCenter™, all from a single Web console.

New! Conditional Group Dependencies . Intelligently groups connected network devices and/or interfaces together so that you receive a single critical alert if your device goes down. Now you can focus on your network’s real issues!
New! Cisco® Unified Computing System™ (UCS) Support Enables management of your Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) components, including virtual interfaces, fabric interconnects, and chassis and blade servers, all through a single unified view.

New! VSAN and Fibre Channel Monitoring and Reporting
Makes it easy to monitor and report on the health of your Virtual Storage Area Network (VSAN). Get ahead of performance issues with real-time, threshold-based alerting.
New! Mobile Network Monitoring Views For Android™, Blackberry®, iPhone® and More

Now you can unchain yourself from your computer and monitor your network performance from popular mobile Web browsers including iPhone®, Blackberry®, and Android™.

Enhanced! LUCID™ Interface for Network Monitoring Simplifies network troubleshooting with a Web interface that is Logical, Useable, Customizable, Interactive, & supports Drill-down (LUCID). Get a comprehensive view of your network’s health with Top 10 views, drill-down maps, & easy-to-understand dashboards.
New! Microsoft® Active Directory® Integration Simplifies Orion NPM login and account management by leveraging your existing Active Directory user accounts, including Active Directory Groups.

New! Message Center for Network Troubleshooting Streamlines network troubleshooting by displaying alerts, syslog data, events, and SNMP trap messages, in a single pane of glass. Orion NPM’s Message Center provides a centralized view for all of the notification messages about your network’s performance.